Why Proper Front Camera Alignment is Important after Windshield Replacement

When we replace your car’s windshield, our technicians will have to move the front camera. If the camera is not properly aligned, even by just a few millimeters, it may cause your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to not work correctly.

Choosing to replace your windshield at Magic Vitres is a good way to make sure your service center is equipped with the latest technologies to recalibrate your front camera. This is important to ensure that your advanced driver assistance systems continue to operate correctly and provide optimal safety. The camera recalibration process involves re-aligning the cameras and recalibrating the software to account for the changes caused by the new windshield. Our technicians are trained to use specialized tools and techniques to perform this recalibration, ensuring that your ADAS works as precisely as possible.

Recalibrating a camera involves realigning the camera and resetting its parameters to ensure that it is functioning correctly and the method used to recalibrate a camera will depend on the type of camera, the level of precision required, and the tools and equipment available. Some methods are more accurate and faster than others, but all methods aim to restore the camera’s performance to its optimal level.

There are several ways to recalibrate a camera, including:

1Software Calibration : involves using software to adjust the parameters of the camera, such as focus, exposure, and white balance. The software can be installed on a computer or tablet and is connected to the  camera.

2Machine-Assisted Calibration : involves using specialized equipment, such as a camera calibration jig, to perform the recalibration. The jig is designed to accurately position the camera and ensure that it is properly aligned.

3Manual Calibration: This method involves physically adjusting the camera to ensure that it is properly aligned and focused. This can be done using a set of calibration tools, such as alignment targets and laser levels.

4Dealer or Manufacturer Calibration : involves taking the vehicle to a dealership or manufacturer-authorized service center for recalibration. Technicians will use specialized equipment and techniques to recalibrate the camera to the manufacturer’s specifications.